Visual Arts
May 2013
Fine Arts Festival

November 2012 Printing Workshop

Fine Art Festival
May 16, 2012

Fine Art Festival Preview

The Mission
Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, sequential arts education for all students, using local, state, and national standards in arts education as a basis for curriculum development.

The Vision
The belief that the arts are a vital part of our students' education is the driving force behind Hillsborough County School Arts in Education Program. We envision arts education as an integral, essential part of daily instruction. We see students involved in the arts as lifelong learners who are creative and critical thinkers, successful problem solvers, and citizens who appreciate cultural diversity and aesthetics. Additional arts experiences infused into our regular curriculum provide students with the knowledge, understanding and sensitivity necessary to deal with the world as well-rounded, articulate compassionate and responsible citizens, with a love of learning, life, and humanity. It is our belief that the arts demand high standards, creative and analytical thinking, discipline, teamwork and follow through; all qualities that employers say they are looking for in hiring workers.

Dana Warner, Supervisor, K-12 Art

Online District Assessment
The 2012/2013 Visual Arts Online District Assessment for grades 1 through 5 will be administered May 2013.
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